• Morristown, TN Timothy Woodard Has the Experience Clients Need

  • Posted on November 23, 2018
  • Besides his legal experience representing clients, Tim Woodard also has helped  attorneys and firms with their legal marketing, as a ghost writer for appellate court briefs and portfolio management. Of course, Tim also has plenty of extra-legal experience in his background. He owned his own business for a while and he has Human Resources experience. A few of the most successful companies in Tennessee also employed Tim as their business manager at one time or another. Regardless of the area in which he works, Tim demands integrity, loyalty, and consistency from himself and everyone else.

    These days, Tim Woodard, Morristown, TN mediator, can point proudly to a veritable wealth of extensive experience in the legal arena. However, what makes him special may be that he has plenty of other experience to draw upon, as well. While many lawyers can boast of plenty of run-of-the-mill legal education and legal experience, Tim Woodard has a lot more than that to offer clients. In addition to settling many cases in many practice areas, Tim also was a judicial clerk and a negotiator of contracts for quite some time.

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